Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Money for shopping,,,,,,,

Money Money Money --------> shopping habit!!!!!!?

How do university students get their money for their shopping habit,,,????

1)Their own money
    Before they become an university students, they have working as a part timer at
    such a food restaurants or supermarkets or etc. These part time jobs give them
    a lots of money that they can shopping for their new cloth, new watch, new
    handphone or shopping for ANYTHING that they like to....

2)Loan money (PTPTN/JPA)
   Some of them have their own loan money that they got for every semester while
   they're studying. As u all know, of course the money that they got are for their
   study and for cost while they are studying in their campus. If they use the money
   without a CONTROL, just for their shopping habit,, the money will be
   goned just like a butterfly.......

3)Money from their own family
  Sometimes their father or mother give them money just to make sure that they have
  enough money to study comfortably. But, unfortunately, they use that money for
  their shopping habit. The shopping habit is not good enough if just wasting money.
  It will be even better if we save the money for future uses or for some charity.