Monday, March 14, 2011

The Disadvantages of Shopping Habit Among Student

The disadvantage of online shopping among student

First of all, there are so many way students can go shopping. For instance, they can shopping at the shopping mall or just sit back at home and doing online shopping. Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real-time, without an intermediary service, over the Internet. If an intermediary service is present the process is called electronic commerce. An online shop, eshop, e-store, internet shop, webshop, webstore, online store, or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or in a shopping mall. The inabilities to physical check out the items you are purchasing. However, there are so many disadvantages of online shoping among students. Here are some of the advantages of online shoping among the student. Firstly, it will losing the power to negotiate the price and payment terms that may exist in local stores. This may cause the excessive expenditure among the student. So that , the student will use a lot amount of money just for the online shopping. Besides that, the items ordered online are sometimes on backorder but the consumer is not always informed until weeks after the purchase is made. If this case happen to the student, they will be loss. This is because they spend a lot of money just to pay the stuff from the online shop but they get the things that unexpected. Its just wasting their money to an unnecessary and unexpected things. By the way, online shopping also cause the returning and exchanges can sometimes be difficult because of the lack of face to face negotiations.

Student will run out of money before the end of the semester

Secondly, besides the disadvantage of the online shopping to the student, there are the others impact of shopping habit among the student. One of the impact of being a shopaholic among the student is the student will run out of money before the end of the semester. As we know, students usually get the money for shopping by their loan, scholarship and sometimes from their parents. Actually, if they use the money hundred percent to go shopping, there is a big problem. This is because they suppose to use the money for the other purposes such as to buy their books, pay their studies fees, use the money for daily use like to buy a food and beverages and so much more. However, for the shopaholic, they will run out of money before the end of the semester. This is because they used the same source of money to support their shopping habit. So that, the money will be not enough to support them until the end of the semester. And, as the effect of it, they will be suffer because they got no money to use.

Shopping habits can effect the students studies.

Thirdly, the other disadvantage of the shopping habit among the students is it can effect their studies. People must be wonder how this can be ? This disadvantage is not possibly happen. This is because, when a student are addicted to go shopping, they will forget their purpose and responsibilities to be a good students. They will prefer to wasting their time to go shopping at the mall than stay at their home or college to study, finishing their assignment, make a revision at the library and so much more. Besides that, some of the shopaholic are prefer to go shopping at the mall during their class time . This is the worst thing ever ! They prefer to waste their time and money to the unnecessary things than be in the class. Finally, if they keep their habit this way, it will effect to their examination result. They might not the flying colour result and that will be very dissapointing .

Student will be in debt 

In addition, students who like shopping can find themselve in debt. As we know, not all the shopaholic students come from the rich family. Some of them also come from the middle income and low income family and are not rich. They just use their loan, or scholarship or money that is given by their parents to go shopping. So that, when the money runs out, they have a big problem. The problem is they have no other sources to get their money to go shopping. In other words,they are desperate and they will borrow the money from their friends just to go shopping. However, the student will forget to pay back their friend’s money and keep borrowing from the others. As a consequence, from time to time, their debt will arrise and they have no money to pay back their friends.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Money for shopping,,,,,,,

Money Money Money --------> shopping habit!!!!!!?

How do university students get their money for their shopping habit,,,????

1)Their own money
    Before they become an university students, they have working as a part timer at
    such a food restaurants or supermarkets or etc. These part time jobs give them
    a lots of money that they can shopping for their new cloth, new watch, new
    handphone or shopping for ANYTHING that they like to....

2)Loan money (PTPTN/JPA)
   Some of them have their own loan money that they got for every semester while
   they're studying. As u all know, of course the money that they got are for their
   study and for cost while they are studying in their campus. If they use the money
   without a CONTROL, just for their shopping habit,, the money will be
   goned just like a butterfly.......

3)Money from their own family
  Sometimes their father or mother give them money just to make sure that they have
  enough money to study comfortably. But, unfortunately, they use that money for
  their shopping habit. The shopping habit is not good enough if just wasting money.
  It will be even better if we save the money for future uses or for some charity.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

StOp BeiNg A ShOp-A-HoLiC !

"Knowing I can choose makes me feel more positive and in control of my finances."

How : You must change your habits slowly. Ussually, students shopping for emotional reasons, not because they needed things. You must come up with a strong positive goal to motivate you to shop less. Thinking about the negative impact could make me feel depressed, which would make you want to shop. 

Lessons & tips: You need a strong motivating goal. Shopping is fun after all, and the amount doesn't really matter as much as you thought it would. When you wanted something more expensive you must try to save up your weekly amounts until you have enough. Put the spending money in an envelope and write down your purchases to keep yourself honest.

Resources: Create a budget. Basically you figure out what you spend your money on in a typical year, then break it down to monthly amounts. It is much easier than you thought and you can see the impact of your spending. $10 a week easily adds up to $500 in a year.  There are better ways to spend your money.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips to control compulsive shopping habits among university students.

There are some tips to control compulsive shopping habits among university students. At the same time would help  them to overcome their addiction.. Lets check it out guys!
      1. Pay for purchases by cash, check or debit card.

Firstly, when we pay for purchases by cash, check or debit card, we can avoid to overspending our money because we just buy things based from amount of money that contain in our debit card. If we overspending our money, our debit card automatically cannot be used or rejected. Differently when we used credit card, amount of money we can spend is unlimited. After that,  the end of  month we will suffering to pay all debt because debt can go beyond the ability to pay bills on time. As a suggestion from Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit or AKPK, we must limit the number of credit cards to just two.

2. Make a shopping list.

Secondly, make a list before shopping will help us to ensure that we do not buy unnecessary items. As we know when we go at shopping complex, we are tend to buy unnecessary items because there are many promotion and discounts to attract customer to spend a lot of money to the things that actually not important at all to them especially student usually attracted to that kind of bussiness strategy. In addition, students must spend their money for basic needs and beneficial items such as books that related to their course, stationery and food. Futhermore, students usually don’t have a lot of money as working person. So it is very important for students to manage their money wisely. Think three and ten times before we decide to spend our money more than our limits.

3Keep accurate records of our spending.

Thirdly, after we go back from shopping, make sure we keep all bills and take a records of our spending that day. So that we can manage our financial status either still under control or we already buy things that unnecessary . Very important for us to alert and keep accurate records after spending our money when shopping because if we overspending, we can avoid to buy things that unnecessary in future. However, we can be more careful and spend our money wisely in order to avoid debts.

4Pick up new hobby.

Forthly, to overcoming compulsive shopping habits, we as student must pick up new hobby such as reading motivation books, take a walk or exercise when the urge to shop comes. We also can spend more time with family in order to not thinking to much feeling to go for window shopping. We must always remember not easy to gain money but so easy to spend it without limit.And if we have choice, avoid to go shopping alone and find friends who can helps us by giving advice by moment we want to spend our money to unnecessary things. We must know to differentiate things that necessary or unnecessary because when we have financial problems we tend to borrow money from unlicensed money lenders such as Ah Long. This kind of situation do not solve problems but make problems become worst. So in conclusion, think wisely before we make decision to spend our money and make sure our shopping habit do not cause harm to us in future.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

What type of thing do the student buy and how they spend their money?

Hye there. Its been a long weekend holiday we had. Usually, during weekend, student will go for outing especially when there is holiday n some places offer great sale. This often happen to the girls out there. Not to mention, the boys also spend their time at the shopping mall. If there is money, they will buy new item for example, brand new cloth, pants, and even new phone. If the student is addicted to IT gadget, they will buy new item when it is new in market even they already have quite new gadget.

Based on our observation at the shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur and Kajang, we can see that most of the student do buy new cloth and only some of them buy IT gadget. 

Nowadays, student are very clever on spending their money. They do not shop at the expensive store but at economic and affordable store. They usually look at the price before buying. If the price is too expensive, they will buy at other store. 

So, shopping among student usually happen when they have money. If university student, they usually go for shopping every early of the semester. This is because they get their loan money and scholarship money. Eventhough its their loan money for study, they must spend the money wisely on shopping. They can simply used their money. 

That's all for this entry, enjoy. Till next post! bye

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hye there. The three previous entry was an introduction for our blog. We want to introduce you about what we are going to tell you all about. As for today, I would like to mention what is the purpose we are doing about this topic. This topic actually can help us to understand and to know how the student shopping habit. Other than that, we will also put some information on how to help the student to spend their money wisely on shopping. Last but not least, to create awereness about bad shopping habit to the student.

There are four question that we will discuss in this blog.

1. What type of thing do the student buy and how they spend their money?
2. Where do the money come?
3. How to control shopping habit among student?
4. The impact of shopping habit to the student.

These are four question that we are going to discuss later. All this question usually bear in our mind that we need to discuss it. If you have any question that you want to ask, feel free to e-mail us at shopping Do not hesitate to send us e-mail.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic (HD Trailer)

Here is a movie about shopaholic. A true confession of a shopaholic! Very interesting movie indeed. Try watch it now.